Nothing Cuter than a Preemie in a Halloween Costume!

preemie babies in halloween costumes

Your baby's first Halloween is special but when you're in the NICU, it can be disappointing.   You're not home, where you truly want to be, your baby may be struggling to just do the simple things we take for granted;  eating, growing, breathing, regulating temperature.  You know, the actual stuff of life!  During the holidays, it can be even harder to have a baby in the NICU - it can feel so isolating, sad, and a reminder that things are not so typical.  It's important to make holidays in the NICU special and go the extra mile for your baby, and for yourself.  So many NICUs are celebrating Halloween by making creative costumes for tiny preemie babies.  There aren't many costumes small enough for preemies, some of them aren't allowed to wear clothes yet, and many are connected to so many wires, monitors, and breathing tubes that it takes a good amount of creativity to come up with something that will work.  Some preemie babies are home for their first Halloween, but isolated - maybe because it's flu and RSV season - so many preemies aren't going to be out in public or even having many visitors at home. 

For Addie Belle, her first Halloween was spent in the NICU and at just 1.5 months old and she wasn't able to wear clothes yet.  We had to be so creative with her costume; we used used a tiny stuffed elephant to get the fit just right and we were only able to make a diaper cover and hat.  During her stay in the NICU, John read her all the original Winnie the Pooh books, so we decided that Piglet would be appropriate for her first Halloween.  We made it with felt, and John and I dressed as Pooh and Eeyore.  It felt good to celebrate the holiday, to make the best out of a crappy situation, during a time of year that draws more attention to the fact that you aren't home as a family.  

I also wanted to share some other photos of incredible preemie babies in Halloween costumes - there's not many things cuter!!!  Some of these preemies are in the NICU and some are at home and likely isolated due to their immature immune system.  Celebrating Halloween in the NICU provides parents the chance to experience a bit of joy and normalcy that doesn't come frequently.  It allows them to create a special moment with their itty bitty one and celebrate a first milestone. 

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