World Prematurity Day & Pampers #LittlestFighters

Today is #worldprematurityday and just typing that hashtag made me start to cry.  It's so emotional to reflect back on Adeline's birth, the struggle, the triumphs, and her journey that didn't end when we left the NICU.  

Premature birth is the leading cause of death in children under the age of five worldwide. Babies born too early may have more health issues than babies born on time, and may face long-term health problems that affect the brain, the lungs, hearing or vision.
— March of Dimes

World Prematurity Day, on November 17, raises awareness of this serious health crisis. Throughout this month we have tried to draw attention to this crisis by sharing our story, other family's stories, information about preemie babies, and through our Grateful Guts project.  Now, we are so excited to be partnering with Pampers who is giving back to this community and to the March of Dimes with through their Pampers #LittlestFighters Campaign.  Just in time for Prematurity Awareness Month, Pampers has introduced the first-ever flat diaper, specifically designed for premature babies. Sometimes a traditional diaper doesn't work for the tiny babies in the NICU so Pampers created a diaper with no elastic or tape which could help babies with jaundice, skin breakdown, abdominal defects, surgeries, and extremely low birth weight.  

Preterm birth is a national health crisis. 1 in 10 babies are born premature and this statistic has continued to increase for the second year in a row.
— World Health Organization

What is pamper's Doing for Preemies? 

In honor of World Prematurity month, they're donating a box of diapers to every NICU across the country and up to $300,000 to the March of Dimes.

What can you do? 

  1. Share Your Story Share your story about the first time you were inspired by your baby’s fighting spirit on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram on November 17th. Each time the #LittlestFighters hashtag is used, Pampers will donate $5 to the March of Dimes. Also make sure to tag @PampersUS in your post.

  2. Social Media Awareness is another way to get involved. You can change your profile pictures to a special World Prematurity Day themed version on Facebook and Twitter to help raise awareness. Be sure to post photos to social media with the hashtag #worldprematurityday.

  3. Wear Purple. That includes wearing purple to represent the March of Dimes and prematurity awareness, lighting your home or office purple and getting creative to inspire others to raise awareness by going purple.

  4. Donate to the March of Dimes.

The U.S. preterm birth rate rose from 2 percent to 9.8 percent in 2016 — equating to approximately 8,000 additional babies being born premature.
— Pampers US

I am sharing one of my stories on Instagram and Facebook about the first time I was inspired by my #LittlestFighter and I hope you do the same so we can raise some monies!!! 

These images below can also be used to for your social media and tag us if you can!!

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