Chuck E. Cheese’s is Back & Better Than Ever!

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As a millennial, we grew up going to Chuck E. Cheese’s! The kids’ whose birthdays were hosted there were always the best! Every kid can still remember walking around proudly with their fist full of tickets just waiting to cash in for the perfect prize. Pizza, animatronic dancing & singing band, skee ball, and freedom.

Where a Kid can be a Kid!
— Chuck E. Cheese

I was pretty pumped when we were invited to the York Chuck E. Cheese for it’s grand reopening after it’s been remodeled, All You Can Play (AYCP) has been introduced, new games, different food, and even some things for Mom & Dad have been integrated. Adeline had never been, so we had a Mommy - Daughter date and checked it out on it’s first day back in business!

Better from the inside out

chuck e cheeses back and better than ever - she got guts

Chuck E. Cheese’s, recently updated its York flagship restaurant with from the inside out. The changes considered the entire family . These renovations were perfectly timed as it comes comes right on the heels of the launch of Chuck E. Cheese’s All You Can Play, where parents can buy time instead of tokens or play points, making it easier than ever to play any game at any time. I’ll get into that later, but it may be my favorite new change!

For Mom & Dad, the ambiance is calmer and changes include warm wood, neutral tones, and simpler art/graphics. The dining area feels more like a restaurant, and the open kitchen allows you to see the pizza-making process . I remember Chuck E. Cheese’s being dark, but now its bright, with whites and grey, and it’s just more inviting.

For the kids, they will love the all-new light up dance floor that is completely interactive. It reacts to your touch and dance and Adeline loved it! . Instead of the old school animatronic Chuck E. Cheese band there is a live show hourly. Adeline loved dancing with the characters, and totally interrupted their dance routine by giving each one a high five. The Birthday Zone is also new, featuring different party sections designated by characters in Chuck E.’s band and varied seating options for larger parties, All the game rooms have been remodeled and there are 12 new games. They also rearranged the games so that all the toddler games were in one area, instead of scattered throughout which made it easier to see which games were appropriate for Adeline.

One thing I LOVE is that they also offer Sensory Sensitive Sunday which is offered to support children with autism and other special needs. On the first Sunday of every month, they open the doors two hours early, & also include a trained staff member who understands the unique needs of this population. Have a child with a gluten allergy, they’ve got you covered with gluten free pizza crust and other options.

let’s talk about the food

Things have changed since my days as a kid going to Chuck E. Cheese and I think all they served was pizza & soda.  The menu has been completely upgraded with a lot more options for the entire family, things for people with food allergies, and a focus on fresh ingredients.  There is a lot more variety and the menu features wings, salads, wraps, appetizers, sandwiches, and desserts.  The lunch buffet (offered M-F, 11-3) has also been moved closer to the kitchen I also liked that you get one of those buzzer things when you order so you can keep playing while you wait for your food to cook. If you want to order quickly, they offer self- serve kiosks right near the entrance.

There are tons of pizza options, which are baked fresh to order from never frozen dough made in house, each day.  There is traditional, stuffed, gluten free, thin & crispy, or even a build your own.  There are pizzas like Cali Alfredo, wraps like Chicken Caesar, and hot wings you’ll love. They even have healthier options like gluten-free pizza, fresh fruit, and a salad bar. Did I mention they even serve beer and wine?? Yes, please! Since it was the grand reopening, we celebrated with some cake!

chuck e cheese back and better than ever - she got guts

All you can play

Now for my favorite change they’ve made, All You Can Play! Instead of the old school way of buying tokens or play points, now you buy time! Kids receive a bracelet and instead of putting a certain amount of tokens in the machine, they just “tap to play”.  Kids can play any game they want as many times as they want on any day without any restrictions in the time frame you choose. For kids, that means they will earn more tickets, which means more prizes.  For parents, you don’t have to fuss over tokens, run out, or empty your pockets to buy more. Just choose an amount of time and when your time is up, you’re done. It’s that easy! Or if you need a break, you can pause your time up to two times at the kiosk.  

This was great for Adeline, because at 3 years old she only wants to play at a game for a minute or so before moving on to the next.  She was also able to go on rides again and again.  In the kids area, she loved the mini whack-a mole, all the rides, and anything that let her shoot a water gun.  She loved skee ball just like her mama but was a bit dangerous with how she threw the ball.  We have not quite mastered rolling underhand. 

chuck e cheese is back and better than ever - she got guts

We had such a blast and cannot wait to go back again, and this time we will bring Daddy!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese's . The opinions and text are all mine.

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