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Thanksgiving is approaching, and it’s definitely all about giving thanks, expressing gratitude, and spending some quality time with friends and family. But then it’s over, and its time to get shopping!! The holidays are coming in a month, and all the sales start immediately following Thanksgiving! Every year during this time, we like to #ShopSmall and these businesses have rightfully claimed a day over this weekend, “Small Business Saturday.” Similar to black Friday, small businesses offer discount codes in time for the holiday shopping and we are encouraged to shop small and local. I am sharing some of my favorite small shops you need to have in your life and I have discount codes that go live this Saturday 11.24.2018!!

We have been so lucky to have been part of the small shop community since before Adeline came home from the NICU. We have partnered with many of these small businesses in a variety of ways; testing product, providing photography, and even promoting their business on our social media.   We started as “brand rep”, transitioned to an ambassador, and we’ve even grown to sponsored posts.

Why You should Shop Small for the holidays

  1. Small businesses give back (more) to the community

  2. They provide great customer service

  3. They create a sense of community

  4. They make a major economic impact

  5. They offer one of a kind items

  6. It feels good

Now that I have you all on board with shopping small, here is my guide of where to shop, what to snag, and use a coupon code to get a discount!!! Make sure to tell them She Got Guts sent you.

The thing that drew me to Rainy Day designs was her fabric choices and the ways she combines them to make her clothing unique. She specializes in outfits for special events, coming home outfits, first birthday, but offers items in all sizes. My girl loves rainbows so we knew she had to have these super soft leggings that transition across all seasons. One thing I love about shopping small is that you are buying from someone who has a true passion for what they do. Owner Lacey works full time, has 3 young children, AND runs this business. #SuperMom

I love creating pieces that families will cherish from some of their most important moments and memories in life.
— Lacey Pate, Owner of Rainy Day Designs

Someone sent me a DM and said, you need to meet this Mama because she lives right near you. Instantly I connected with this special needs Mama who creates inspirational and motivational clothing and items for all ages. Inspired by her daughter Abigail, she created this line and business to help pay for therapy and medical bills. I see play dates with our girls in our future.

As a special needs momma of a beautiful daughter who was born with cerebral palsy, I created this small shop as a way to spread kindness, encourage inclusion, and to remind others that no matter what you might look like or what you are able to do, you are amazing because you are YOU.
— Roland & Grace

From Mini to Moose

From Mini to Moose, is business founded by two NICU Moms looking to help other parents and families within the NICU Community by creating preemie inspired clothing.  Both owners Samantha Evans & Colleen Weimer gave birth to premature babies within a year apart. From Mini to Moose is a blogsmall shop selling preemie inspired clothing for premature babies, parents & siblings of premature babies, & NICU nurses,  and has a philanthropic part of their business, Special Delivery.

From Mini to Moose - Special Delivery project is my favorite thing about this business, as they donate seasonal onesies to local NICU's. They recently sent onesies for premature babies for Thanksgiving.  You can also read more about what the Special Delivery Project accomplished this past August.  We’ve been working with this shop forever and last winter they donated Valentine’s Day bodysuits to our very own NICU. We love them.

Abilitee was founded by a pediatric surgeon and an artist/designer. Dr. Julie Sanchez saw the frustration her patients and families felt when trying to dress comfortably and deal with various medical needs, so she and Marta Elena teamed up to create products that make people feel good and look good. They make tubie clothing for babies to adults, surgery recovery clothes, sensory + special needs clothing.

Adeline is wearing an adaptive feeding back pack which holds her formula, feeding pump, and allows her to be independent while she is connected to her feeds. If you look closely, Adeline is wearing an adaptive shirt with the perfect discreet opening on the side of the shirt for her tubes to exit. When she does not have this type of adaptive shirt, her shirt or dress will be lifted up due to the tube. This type of shirt is cute, functional, and you would not know it’s “adaptive”. We are in love!

Through empowering designs, Abilitee is hoping to promote inclusive design for #everyBODY.
— Abilitee Adaptive Wear

small business saturday guide - she got guts

We’ve been working with KRZA since Adeline was 6 months old and it is our go-to small shop for bows. I always loved that she works with a graphic designer to create prints exclusively for KRZA which makes the brand stand out. Recently, Krystle started making clothes so now you can dress your little one head to toe from her line. Here is Adeline in just a few of her pieces.

I create simple + gorgeous pieces for little ones. I feel extremely blessed to be able to create everyday.
— Krystle Dawn

These handmade clothes from Louisiana are just darling. Emma makes stylish clothes for babies and toddlers and runs her business while also raising her two young children. I’m loving her slouchy tunics made from waffle knit, printed leggings, and she makes headbands, bummies, and harems for boys and girls.

Lady Eleanor & Co is a children's accessories brand. We make simple but stylish accessories branded with history.  Business owner started making bows as a hobby and turned it into a business. She makes a variety of bows in several styles, prints, and I am especially loving her Disney collection.

It’s honestly a dream to be able to grow this business! 
— Stephanie Masselli

small business saturday guide - she got guts

I love a brand that thinks about clothes for kids with different needs, whether it’s sensory needs, special needs, or medical needs. As a child with all three of those needs, we love our Kozie clothes that allow Addie to be dressed in a non-stigmatized way. Founder Susan Donohoe is a Pediatriact Occupational Therapist, an advocate, and wanted to create clothes for all. They offer weighted blankets & vests, compression shirts, clothes with access to feeding tube, medical socks, and other sensory toys.

The pajamas Addie is wearing are organic, so soft, allow access to her feeding tube, access to a trachea (if she had one), buttons allow for tubes/leads, etc. to be thread through, and I adore the heart over the tube.

Through many years of working closely with educators, therapists, nursing professionals, manufacturers, and experts in design, she founded Kozie Clothes as a way to incorporate Neuroscience Principles into fashionable, on-trend, adaptive clothing and products for children with sensory and other medical needs.

small business saturday guide - she got guts

Small business Veronica Hermes left her full time job when she unexpectedly became a mother of 5 small children. While she loves staying at home, going to school full time, she wanted more. She converted her formal dining room into her sewing room and began designing her own clothing line.

— Veronica Hermes

small business saturday guide - she got guts

Perfectly Preemie is a family owned business that services preemie and NICU families. It started when business owner Cressie Baerg had a friend whose baby was premature and they could not find any clothing that would fit. She started sewing and her business started from there. These clothes are designed with preemies in mind; they start at Micro-Preemie size and offer shoulder openings for easy access, double snap style provides easy dressing and openings on either side for monitor leads, lap style necklines work wonderfully for preemie baby's tiny necks, allowing much easier dressing. Closures on these preemie clothes vary from velcro, plastic snaps, ties and classic snaps, to meet the many different needs of these little miracles. They offer 3 distinct Preemie sizes plus Newborn: Micro (1-2.5lbs, 11-15"), Teeiny (2-4lbs, 14.5-16.5"), Preemie (3-6lbs, 15-18.5"), Newborn (5-8lbs, 17.5-21"

We do believe these extraordinary babies deserve extraordinary clothing.

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