Candy Free Easter Basket Ideas

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I seriously cannot believe Easter is around the corner.  Adeline is actually still talking about Christmas so I thought I had a minute.  To be honest Easter in our house is like a mini Christmas so I told her it would be coming soon.  Because of Adeline's eating needs, her basket will not have any candy.  She does not really like it, and although she will give a lollipop a lick or two, candy would not be meaningful for her.  Maybe your kid does not have any feeding issues, but you want to give them some Candy Free options for Easter and fill their basket with some toys that are creative, educational, and fun.  Most of these ideas would be perfect for kids aged 1-4 and can be found on Amazon (free 2 day shipping baby)! If you want to shop, just click on the image. 



I basically give Adeline a book for every event, and we just keep adding to our massive library.  Books are the gifts that keep giving, all the books linked come in a board book, and fit nicely in her basket. We have Velveteen Rabbit ( a classic everyone needs) and the Bright Baby Easter book which is great for building simple Easter vocabulary.   We are not super religious in this household, so most of our books are not about the meaning of Easter but you can find some of those books here & here


If you guys follow us on Instagram  you know my daughter sleeps in her crib with about 20 "friends" or stuffed animals that she covers herself with.  Our absolute favorite stuffed animals in the world is the Jelly Cat brand and we got her this rabbit and I have the duck currently in my cart.  They are so soft, perfect to wrap her arm around or stick under the strap in her stroller.  These "friends" are perfect to go along with her books, to talk about Easter, and spring.  For now I will just click  "save for later" and hope Dada will add back in and buy the duck. 

Bath Toys

Recently, Addie has had a new fear of the tub.  I've learned from other Mamas (thanks Insta fam), that this can be developmental so I am getting her a few new things to make it more fun!  Even if your kid is not afraid of the tub, getting a few new things can really spice it up.  I also cherish some play time in which she is contained so if she wants to stay in a bit longer, then go for it! 

Arts & Crafts

Addie is at the age where she is really starting to like arts and crafts so she just cannot get enough!  When its the witching hour (5pm) and I am trying to cook dinner, straighten the house, and start her medical night stuff there is no other lifesaver that works better than putting her in the highchair and giving her access to arts & crafts.  Want it to be extra good?? Only give her access to these items unless he/she are in highchair.  Do you really need play- doh all over your house?  Can you trust your toddler with a crayon walking around?  I cannot so in the highchair it is! 

Let's Play outside

We just had daylight savings, it's staying light out longer, and warmer weather is coming our way.   I saw entire Easter baskets on Pinterest dedicated to this, with sand toys, garden sets, and other outdoor toys.  For us, a few new things to start willing the weather to get warmer so we can get outside!!!

No matter what you end up putting in your child's basket or how you celebrate I hope you have an amazing Easter with family, friends, and with a cute bunny like Adeline Belle.  

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