Sprucing Up for Spring - Recent Target Finds

Happy first day of Spring even thought it's too cold to tell, and is currently snowing outside of my window.  Spring always motivates me to start organizing, sprucing my house up, buy Addie some new clothes (any excuse, right?!) and get ready for summer.  We spend many weekends at the Jersey shore, so pressure is on to get the house together so we can enjoy our summer without the guilt of all the To Do's in our home.

sprucing up for spring - target finds - shegotguts.com

I can be insanely organized, and have scheduled "Work on House Days" into our calendar so we do not make plans on those weekend days.  I do it for a few months, and my husband gets invites and inevitably texts me with "WT% are all these Work on House Days! Stop sending me appointments!"  But for some reason if we schedule it, it happens.  

Let me just say, I am not a stylist and my home is sort of a mishmash of DIY furniture from thrift stores, antique finds, ikea, Target and a few modern pieces.  I am modern, meets eclectic with mismatched colors and patterns, meets farmhouse with antique egg baskets for toys, meets maybe I do not have style at all.  I also have no idea what I am doing in terms of styling my living room and in hindsight maybe I should have least vacuumed, peeled the sticker off my coffee table, or made Jpeg leave the room!  But here I am, an imperfect woman, with an imperfect home, which will look like this for probably about 10 minutes after Addie Belle wakes up from her nap. 

What have our projects been?  Well, John's been working on our stairs, ripping up carpet, adding laminate hardwood, painting, and I have been doing deep cleaning and organizing room by room.  It always motivates me to buy some goodies to kind of spruce up my very clean and organized home.  Target home stuff just keeps getting better and better and I cannot walk through that section of the store without something catching my eye and landing in my cart.  So I wanted to share a few things I have gotten lately for my house, a few things for Addie (including her entire Easter outfit for under $50), and share my addiction to Adeline's favorite color, "target red." 

sprucing up for spring - target finds - shegotguts.com

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for "The durf"

Spring stuff for AB

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