Our Life Through the Lens: Boston Children’s Hospital Admission

Our Life Through the Lens- Our Last Hospital Admission -shegotguts.com.png

Every picture tells a story, but some pull us in more than others. They make us wonder what hilarious or heartbreaking thing just happened, and or ponder what’s about to happen next. I wanted to tell our story through our photographs taken during our last inpatient admission at Boston Children’s Hosptial.

We spent nearly two weeks inpatient for some really intensive testing (colonoscopy, endoscopy, antroduodenal manometry), surgery to correct her central line that was too deep in her heart, and to try and push her gut forward with increasing her volume and calories of her feeds through her feeding tube   It was an intense hospitalization with some incredible highs ( increasing her feeds and decreasing her parental nutrition) and extreme lows (vomiting 28 times in 24 hours which ended with throwing up blood), but we survived.   Here is our story, our life through the lens during our last admission. 

The Beginning

Flying in with so much luggage way too early, tacos & swinging at the park, bowel clean out, IV & blood draw problems, and NPO lollipops. 

The Antroduodenal Manometry

(AKA hell)

Two days of vomiting, including blood, intense pain, and thick catheters coming out of her.  Rough stuff.

Hospital Life

Hanging out in our window/bed/couch/playroom,  Daddy working at his new "office" , hospital playrooms, vitals, talking on the radio, and window art.


Getting wheeled down, keeping her occupied in PreOp, having her central line replaced since hers was too deep in her heart, and being back to herself so quickly. 

Nonna & PopPop Surprise

Nonna & PopPop came to surprise us in Boston all the way from Pennsylvania. 


We have a new Boston best friend, and his name is Kernel. 

The Garden

So grateful for the rooftop garden where we spent all our free time and met many other parents. 

Last Day

We're out of here! Eating italian in the North End, playing in the fountains, dessert in the Quincy Market, and actually sleeping on the plane right home!


These were not taken with our SLR- but just our iPhones and edited in Lightroom, Snapseed, or VSCO.  

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