Little Superheroes Medical Grant

Superheroes Medical Grant -
Even Superheroes need a little help sometimes.
Little Superheroes - Medical Grant -

Medical expenses are no joke.  We have high deductibles, out of network expenses, non- prescription items she needs monthly, therapies, and now we have greatly added to our medical expenses by traveling out of state for medical care.  Every 6 weeks, we travel to Boston Children's hospital for medical treatment.  If you want to know why we travel for medical treatment,  we've got a good story for you

Every 4-6 weeks, we pay for airfare, accommodations, food, Uber, parking, pet care for our dog and cats, the list goes on and on.  Insurance does not cover cost of travel.  So about once a month we go on a "vacation" minus the fruity drinks, warm beaches, and the fun.  

We have been so lucky to connect with an incredible Non Profit organization Little Superheroes.  This foundation not only helps families facing long term medical issues but in particularly families with children who have serious, life threatening  GI issues. 

To provide help and hope to children facing serious life threatening issues through providing assistance to families facing long term medical crisis.
— Mission Statment - Little Superheroes
litter superheroes - medical grant -


Little Superheroes was founded by Christie Kessel, a fierce mother of 4 year old Valerie who had a bumpy start to life. Valerie was born prematurely, had difficulty tolerating any food, and. after what seemed like thousands of tests, emergency surgery, medications, holidays spent in the hospital and innumerous doctors’ visits, Valerie was finally diagnosed with Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction (CIPO). At nine weeks old, Valerie had her first central line inserted into her chest along with a permanent feeding tube and an ileostomy. 

Medical hardships like this demand time, money and emotional strength for a long period of time. The transportation, basic living expenses, therapies and special education needs are not often covered by insurance and take a lot of time away from both work and family.  This is definitely true for our family.  

To fund research which will provide insights into diagnosis and treatment of pediatric digestive disorders to help enable these children to lead a better quality of life.
— Mission Statement - Little Superheroes
little superheroes - medical grant -

With our ever increasing medical expenses, we applied to Little Superheroes for financial assistance particularly for medical travel.  The application did require personal financial information, but this is because the grant does take into consideration your current financial status. 

I am beyond please and excited to announce that Adeline was awarded a grant!!!!  In addition, she was the first recipient to live outside of the state of Iowa.   We are so grateful for these organizations that help support families that really need it.  Boston has literally changed Adeline's life, and Little Superheroes has helped make Boston possible. 

Little Superheroes is an organization where families with chronically ill children can apply for support and financial assistance to alleviate the expenses that families facing serious medical crises must shoulder.
— Little Superheroes

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