Favorite hospital toys for your toddler

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We spend a lot of time in the hospital. 

More time than any child should or anyone wants to.  In Addie's 2.5 years of life on this planet, 100's of her days have been spent inpatient.  It sucks.  But, its my motto to make the best out of every situation and that includes the hospital. 

We try our very best to bring the comforts of home to our temporary home; we bring her bedding, mobile, fish light, diffuser, her own clothes and stuffed animals.  I make sure to have coffee (a way to have it without leaving her room/floor) my own blankets, pillow, foam mattress topper, bath towels, slippers (you do not want to have bare feet on these floors), and my favorite cozy sweater.   Recently we had an inpatient stay out of state, and I just shipped these items our location. 

We make sure she has lots of fun things to do, new toys, stimulating activities, and a very coffee filled Mama and Dada to entertain her.   We recently had an extended inpatient stay for two weeks and for 48 hours Addie had to stay in bed.  She was connected to three tubes and a massive IV pole. so movement was limited so it was important we had stuff to do in the room.  There are play rooms, child-life, and other resources available, but we still bring our own stuff. Sometimes these rooms are closed over the weekend, or during this stay the playroom was being renovated, and it's hard to navigate some of these rooms safely with her IV pole.  During this visit the best way we could play with her was to keep her in our room, in her bed, and bring the toys to her. 

These toys end up become part of our diaper bag toys, travel toys, so they do not go to waste.  The toys that are good for the hospital are also good for the car, plane, doctors appointments, or even out to dinner when your toddler has had enough.   I try not to bring toys she has access to all the time, so they are new and fun, easily transportable, and can keep her attention as long as possible.  

Because when life gives you lemons...

image by  Katie Kime

image by Katie Kime

I love this quote.  I'd much prefer this drink to lemonade and I am still waiting on patient relations to implement my idea of a  cocktail cart for parents.  This post does contain affiliate links.  This means I make a small commission if you purchase any of these toys through my links at no additional cost to yourself.  It helps support all the hours and hours of time that goes into creating these blog articles for you.  All of these items I have purchased myself (besides a gift from The World of Eric Carle) and all of these opinions are my own.  Without further adu, my favorite hospital toys for kids aged 2-5 years old. 

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Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

This is such a fun hospital toy because it's 12 little surprises in each egg carton. To hatch your CollEGGtible, hold the egg in the palm of your hand and warm it up until the heart on the shell changes from purple to pink! Press down until your egg cracks and you see your surprise inside!

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Jewelry making kit

This is a great fine motor skill toy and can be done laying down. It comes with over 200 wooden beads and 8 cords. As your child gets older you can have them create patterns. Addie really liked the idea of making a necklace for me or for her Nonna. I will say the container for this is impractical and large so I would transfer them into something else.

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kindle fire with tablet stand

Anyone who says they would not use a tablet in the hospital, has never had a kid in the hospital. This thing is the best, and the mount is amazing; we use it when she's getting an IV placed (so I can hold her hands but she can still see the kindle), when she's too sick to hold it, it's good for down time, basically everything. We bought the kindle with most memory, added a memory card ( so we can download extra movies), and this mount.

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moon or kinetic sand

This is my favorite stuff and not just for Addie, I love to play with it too. It's kinetic, so it sticks only to itself and not to you! This perpetually “wet” sand is perfect to mold, shape, and squeeze. We bring this in Ziploc bag, and just use the little plastic tubs you get in every hospital. It does not dry, hypoallergenic, non- toxic, and mess free. Sensory activities also keeps her attention the longest.

More of my favorites

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Playing in the hospital with all her toys

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