15 Books for Kids about the Doctor

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Taking your child to the doctor can be stressful.  It can cause tantrums, you can break out into a sweat (at least I do), refusals, anxiety, and tears.  It can be an overwhelming experience in which your child has to do a lot of things they may not want to do.  We have a lot of experience at the doctor since my daughter Addie was premature and has short bowel syndrome, she has a feeding tube, and we currently travel from Maryland to Boston Children's Hospital every 4-6 weeks for medical care.  We sort of live at hospitals and her first two years of life she spent more time inpatient than home.  All that to say, we have experience.  

A few of the ways we help ease the anxiety and stress of going to the doctor is role play (with a doctor kit), clear communication about what to expect with precise vocabulary, validating her feelings, picture schedule using Choice Works, social stories, and reading books about going to the doctor, hospital, or even just the human body.  Books about going to the doctor can help prepare your child for what they can expect, can teach them vocabulary that they will hear, teaches them why it is important that they go to the doctor, the list goes on and on.  I've compiled my 15 favorite books for kids about going to the doctor and if you want to shop any of the items just click on the image of the book. 

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books for kids about the doctor - she got guts

This is one of my favorites and shows kids what happens during a visit to the doctor.  Kids are treated for common ailments; sore throat, bruised arm, and inoculation.  Another benefit of this book is older children are able to read the simple text. 

This book is a perfect intro for what children can expect when they need to get a check up at their pediatrician.  They will have their temperatures taken, their eyes examined,  getting a needle, and their ears looked in.  It also gives an overview of some of the medical instruments that will be used.  My daughter is nearly 3, so although this has a bit more text than Addie can handle, so I adapt the words to make it just a bit more simple. 

This is an interactive book because there are hidden things in the book that can be shown by using a flashlight.  This is a behind the scenes look in a busy hospital and is great for kids who may need to spend some time in the hospital or ever if they are about to be a sibling and may need to visit their mom in the hospital.  It has a nice mix of things someone might encounter in the hospital, including a little one with a hearing aide.   

15 books for kids about the doctor - she got guts

We are currently obsessed with Daniel Tiger, a series inspired by Mister Rogers.  There is an episode that matches this book.  What I love about this book is that it addresses some of the nervous feelings your child may have about going to the doctor and it gives him a strategy for how to address those feelings.  Daniel is feeling a little nervous before his check-up with Dr. Anna. But with a little reassurance from Mom, Daniel learns that talking about what will happen at the doctor’s office helps to make the trip a lot less scary.

One of the things that is important to focus on when it comes to going to the doctor is body parts.  It will help them understand more why they are at the doctor and know what the doctor is talking about when using words like throat.  This book is also part of the "Shine-A-Light" series so you can hold a light behind the pages to see muscles flex, watch as food travels through the digestive system, and take a peek at the skeleton holding you upright.

This book is one of the most simple of the books and is great for a really young toddler (1.5 years old) as it explains things in the most simplest terms.  It does show Corduroy nervous, as he makes his way through the steps of being at the doctor.  This book is a classic, and my only complaint is the doctor tells Corduroy he "ate too many cookies" when he gets on the scale.  I just changed the words of that part and said, "Good job getting weighed.  Its good to eat healthy foods to stay strong"

15 books for kids about the doctor - she got guts

This may be my favorite one out of them all!! Dog hurt his foot, Sheep scratched her tummy and Bear sat on a splinter! What will make everything all better? Clean it, kiss it and put a bandage on it! Young readers will delight in the five animal friends’ misadventures and be eager to help make things “all better” with the five reusable and repositionable bandaid stickers.

This simple book is all about Biscuit's visit to the vet and is perfect for kids aged 2-5.  This book is helpful in showing a child on what to expect when they go on their own doctor visit. Somehow by watching a happy puppy go through the vet experience, the child eases about their own doctor's trip. 

This scientific book is really well done.  With over 100 flaps to open and discover all about inside your body.  It is a book that will definitely grow with your toddler and last into the early elementary years.  The flaps are a big hit and uncovering the info underneath is always intriguing.  

15 books for kids about the doctor - she got guts

Rookie books are really simple board books and this one has about 5 pages.  I like this book for a young toddler and also like to use books that use real photos.  The nice thing about this book is a bear is getting a checkup, so after reading this is something you can have your child role play with their own medical kit and stuffed animal.   

A little girl goes through a routine checkup, including getting a shot. A lot of the books do not include the shot part so I like it. With only a sentence or two per page, the book is a good introduction to the standard procedures. The cartoon illustrations feature colorful scenes and happy people, a good reinforcement of the mood parents want to convey. This book is good for preschool age up through 1st grade.

This story is really cute and I used to read it to my kindergarten class.  Splat the Cat can’t wait to go to the doctor for a checkup but his friends scare him with all the details about his visit.  But Splat conquers his fear of the doctor’s office and learns it isn’t so bad after all—especially when you get a surprise at the end! 

15 books for kids about the doctor - she got guts

In this book Maisy and Tallulah play hospital and panda sick but feels much better with Doctor Maisy in charge. They check hearts, take temperature, and take care of each other.  I will say this book takes an interesting plot turn at the end but I still like it. 

This is a level 1 reader but also good for younger children.  When Jack hurts his foot, the family meets all sorts of doctors.  They meet doctors who heal broken bones, help fix teeth, and even work in laboratories,  I also like that from patients and visitors to staff, character portrayal is diverse in terms of race, age, and body type. 

Do you have any tips or tricks for how to ease your little one's anxiety about going to the doctor?  

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