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Adeline will be starting a play based preschool 2 days a week in the fall (GASP!).  We are hoping it will give her more opportunities for socialization with kids her age, may improve her ability to work in a group, and also give me some time to work on some of my obligations.  I work several hours per day on this blog, but only when she's asleep.  So I am hoping I will have some extra time to work during the daylight hours.  Addie has never been to daycare, or school, so all of this is very new to me.  I've been looking for lists of things toddler's need for preschool, printed out paperwork from school, but I could not find one concise list of things you need.   So I decided I am going to share all the goodies I've bought or have on my wish list to get for her before the school year begins.  

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Lunch Essentials

Toddler Back to School Essentials - She Got Guts

1. Waterproof Labels

I got these waterproof, dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, self-laminating labels to put on basically everything AB takes to preschool;  backpack, lunchbox, water bottle, lunchbox containers, ice packs, etc. 

2. Water Bottle

We own several of these water bottles and she only drinks water.  I also really like this one that keeps beverages cold and at Addie's school she will be outside for an hour per day and they bring their bottles out with them.  

3. Lunch Box

My toddler does not really eat meals, she eats a series of snacks so this lunch box with 5 compartments is perfect for her.  It's leak proof and the bonus is Bentgo is a proud supporter of Feed the Children, nonprofit organization that provides hope and resources for children and families who do not have enough food to eat. 

4. Utensils

AB has some minor fine motor delays and difficulty eating (she has a feeding tube) and these utensils are great for her and were recommended by one of her SLP's/feeding therapists.  

5. Reusable Snack & Sandwich Bags

This is a self-sealing, non-plastic bag which was created in response to the need for a healthy alternative to plastic storage bags and containers.  It's air-tight and is safe for the freezer, microwave, dishwasher and boiling water

6. Stainless Steel Snack Containers

These reusable BPA-free food storage containers are perfect for packing smaller items like fruit salad, pasta salad, crackers, cut veggies, etc. 

7. Ice Pack

These ice packs are ultra slim and designed to fit inside the Bentgo lunch box but it's compatible with most other lunch boxes. 

Clothing essentials

1. Basics

Addie needed quite a bit of basics to start off the school year.  I often buy my basics on sale at Old Navy or at Target since many of the items are $5 or less (cardigans are usually around $15). My basics list includes; leggings, socks, underwear, jeggings (no buttons for this newly potty trained girl), cardigans, & tights.   I like to have a lot of leggings and cardigans so dresses that are good for beginning of school year can transition into fall and winter. 

2. Cuteness

I like to buy things that can be easily worn across multiple seasons, and I do not typically buy outfit sets unless they can be easily matched with other items.  I am all about the overalls this season, and scooped up this one and this one for AB.  I am loving these fall shirts (sweater, blouse, t-shirt), this skirt, and dresses (this, this, this) that can be easily worn across the year.  I also want things to be durable, so she can move easily, get undressed with ease, and I will not mind if they get dirty. 

3. Outdoor Gear

Adeline is spending 1/3 of her preschool day outdoors regardless of weather, so this section is important for us.  She needs a lightweight & heavier winter coat, hats, gloves, raincoat, rain bootssnow pants, & hiking/snow boots and some regular old sneakers like this one and this. The rain boots I choose were pricey, but we are obsessed and they're worth the price tag. We also went to a mommy and me nature class last year and loved our muddy buddy rain suits. 


4. Other

Backpack I choose a bag with a laminated surface that repels water, this backpack features a water bottle holder, an art tube and hidden clips for added convenience.  You can clip on a toy, attach a lunch box, easy to clean, and comes in really cute prints.  I few others I like are this one and this. 

A few other items we scooped up were; Art Smock, Clothing Labels, & Sunblock


Toddler Back to School Essentials - She Got Guts

Now that I've got all the "stuff" figured out,  can someone share how I am going to possibly leave her with someone else for the first time?? (tears well up just from typing that sentence)

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