DIY Bug Spray (Non-toxic & Safe for Kids )

DIY Bug Spray - Non Toxic & Safe for Kids - She Got Guts

It's still very much summer here in Maryland, and this humidity is killer.  While some of us are drinking pumpkin spice I just got back from the beach and spent my time drinking margaritas. Don't get me wrong, I love fall.  But when it's time.  It's still summer for most likely another month and these mosquitoes are no joke.   I used to cover myself in DEET, but since I got pregnant and had Adeline I have been trying to use more natural bug sprays.  But the thing is, they have never really worked!!  Until now.

DIY Bug Spray - Non Toxic - Kid Safe - She Got Guts

My cousin Leanna started to get me into Essential Oils about a month ago when I started having anxiety.  I was a total skeptic and now I am completely hooked.  I started using them for anxiety, and then expanded to oils for back pain, got some belly oils for Addie (she has GI issues), then I bought my starter kit, and now I am making up my own recipes.   I have decided I am going to slowly start replacing things in my house with more Non-toxic options and I started experimenting with different cleaners using Thieves, my own recipe for body wash, and now bug spray! 

I got the original recipe from my cousin, then did some research regarding the safety for kids, wanted to understand what oils were good for bugs, and made my own concoction.  There are many oils that are good for repelling bugs and include; lemongrass, lavender, citronella,  eucalyptus , patchouligeranium, & spearmint so you can play around with what works for you!

Some supplies you may need:

Because this bug spray is safe for kids, I got Addie involved and we made it together.  Any opportunity I have to included her in the activities of the day, I do. 

To create the DIY Bug Spray it's quite simple.  I mixed 15 drops of lemongrass, 15 drops of citronella, plus 10 drop of lavender in the spray bottle.  Then I filled half of the bottle with Witch Hazel and the other half with water.  Mix it up and spray all over clothes and body. 

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Where to Get Essential Oils (EOs)

You can purchase any of the oils or any of the starter kits as a RETAIL CUSTOMER at Young Living  but the most affordable way to place an order is to sign up as a WHOLESALE MEMBER. Signing up as a wholesale member does NOT mean that you have to sell essential oils! It just means you are ordering a starter kit AND that you will receive 24% off ALL future retail orders.

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DIY Bug Spray - Non Toxic - Safe for Kids - She Got Guts
— Addie Belle

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