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how to purchase essential oils - she got guts

I'm a Believer! 

I just started using Young Living Essential Oils (EOs) a few months ago after my first severe panic attack sent me to the hospital.  My cousin shared all her favorite oils for anxiety and I began to really like them.  I used them in conjunction with counseling and prescription medication among some other things.  I was hooked, I expanded to oils for back pain, oils for my daughter Adeline who has Short Bowel Syndrome, and Pandora's box was opened. I no longer have any self control when it comes to my oils! 

What are essential oils

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years in various cultures for medicinal and health purposes.   They are becoming more popular as a natural, safe, and cost effective therapy for a variety of health concerns. 

Essential oils are highly aromatic oils derived from plants. They can be pulled from any botanical matter and are typically extracted from flower petals, citrus peels, grasses, tree barks, and resins. The oils are extracted through a variety of methods, including cold pressing and steam distillation.
— Young Living - Essential Oils 101 - Beginners Guide

A few of the properties of essential oils include: antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antihistamine, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, stimulating, sedative, anticonvulsant, vasodilating, pain-reducing, cleansing, immune-booster, uplifting, calming/soothing, antiparasitic, nerve tonic, warming, cooling, antidepressant, antioxidant, decongestant, digestive aid, anti-infection (natural antibiotic) — and the list goes on.

I love this neutral article written by biologist Dr. Kevin Curran whose career focuses on the medicinal benefits of plants. He wrote an excellent summary covering the cultural history and biology behind various applications of essential oils: in aromatherapy, pharmacology and household cleaning.

One of the blends I use for my daughter.

One of the blends I use for my daughter.

How we use them


You can put a few drops of oils into your hands, cup your hands over you face and inhale or use a diffuser to infuse the air with specific scents.  We use a the diffuser from our YL starter kit but also love this one under $30. 


Many essential oils have skin-enhancing benefits and can be applied directly to the skin or added to your existing beauty products. You can also combine them with a carrier oil or your daily moisturizer for easy application.


Young Living  Vitality™ line is specifically labeled for internal use, making it easy to add a splash of flavor to food and drinks or to take oils in capsules as a dietary supplement.  


I love Lindsay Elmer for all things safety and she has a great article about EOs & pet safety & using oils with kids.  WebMD wrote an article Dos and Don'ts of Essential Oils which shares some general things to keep in mind as well as some tips to keep you safe when using EOs. 

how to purchase essential oils- she got guts

Where to Get Essential Oils

You can purchase any of the oils or any of the starter kits as a RETAIL CUSTOMER at Young Living but the most affordable way to place an order is to sign up as a WHOLESALE MEMBER.  

If you’re not looking to build a business, but you want the benefits of purchasing the Young Living products at wholesale pricing (like me) and having access to helpful Facebook groups, then simply become a member! Once a member, you can purchase the Young Living Premium Starter Kit, and have access to everything that I do! Nobody will be breathing down your neck to sell more, buy more, or do more.  It just means you are ordering a starter kit AND that you will receive 24% off ALL future retail orders. The essential oil life is whatever you want to make of it.

To enroll with my group as a Wholesale Member CLICK HERE and enter the number 15816920 in both the “Enroller” and “Sponsor ID” fields.  Once we have a few people in our group, I will start a communication group so we can all share ideas and connect.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment on this blog or shot me an email stephanie@shegotguts.com. 

how to purchase essential oils - she got guts

Image from  w ww.DrAxe.com

Image from www.DrAxe.com

D I S C L A I M E R : I am not a doctor. Suggestions made on this website are specific to Young Living and should not be used with any other essential oils. Statements made here have not be evaluated by the FDA. This information and these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent and disease.  Seek your licensed health care professional about your medications and possible interactions with what you are currently taking.

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