Iced Keto Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

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Nearly 7 months ago, we were living on constant caffeine. As parents of a toddler ( medically complex to boot), we rarely sleep through the night. We drank cups of coffee, diet coke,and 5-hour energy throughout our entire day. Even though we would get that initial burst of energy, it would leave and we would crash. That is, until we discovered the ketogenic lifestyle and started each morning with our Iced Keto Bulletproof Coffee. Now we only need one cup of coffee, and it counts as our breakfast. Instead of feeling that initial burst and then crash, we have even energy throughout the day, brain clarity, feel full longer, and are not turning back. I promise, this is LIFE CHANGING!!

we follow a ketogenic lifestyle

After our last 3 week inpatient stay at Boston Children’s hospital , endless takeout, hospital food, years of weight gain, my husband John and I need we needed to make a major change to our diet. We started a Ketogenic diet at the end of June. The keto diet is a high-fat, low-carb, moderate protein diet. It forces the body to burn fat for fuel instead of glucose, the body’s go-to energy source produced from carbs. You avoid carbs, sugar, processed junk food, bread, pasta, rice and eat meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, and natural fats.

We are feeling great. In 6 months, my husband has lost 35lbs and I have lost 23lbs. We eat cleaner, less processed, less volume, and feel wonderful. In addition to the physical benefits, I started this diet to improve my mental health. Research has tied heavy sugar consumption to an increased risk of depression and is also at the root of chronic inflammation, which impacts the immune system, the brain and other systems in the body . I have chronic back pain issues and have seen improvements in my pain levels since I removed sugar.

I am not crazy when I say that my brain felt more clear. There is research to support my feelings. In an animal study rats that took fructose solution for 6 weeks forgot their way out of a maze, whereas rats that ate a nutritious diet that included omega-3 fatty acids found their way out faster. The high sugar diet caused insulin resistance, which in turn damaged communications between brain cells that fuel learning and memory formation.

Other benefits of this type of lifesyle include; weight loss, appetite control, reverse type 2 diabetes, improve health markers, calmer stomach, therapy for epilepsy, increased physical endurance, increase energy, treat high blood pressure, may result in less acne, may help control migraine, and help with asthma. It’s important you talk to your doctor when you are going to start any type of diet as I am not one.

Why is keto coffee so good?

Keto coffee is a combination of coffee and healthy fats, particularly grass-fed butter, and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oils. It is very high in calories and fat which is why it is recommended that it replaces a meal and not drunk with a meal. We use heavy whipping cream instead of butter, which is not traditional in most bulletproof coffee recipes. We also do intermittent fasting and drink the Keto coffee during our fast. Some people just have black coffee, we do this! It’s low-carb, and sugar free so let’s talk about each ingredient, and it’s benefits.

Iced Keto Coffee Recipe - She Got Guts .png

Coffee: Thank goodness this is good for you, it’s rich in antioxidants, which can defend the body against the harmful effects of free radicals that can bring about various illnesses.

MCT Oil: This oil is a type of saturated fatty acid and coconut oil is one of the best sources of MCTs. It’s a great source of energy since they are consumed rather than being converted and stored as fat. Because these fatty acids don’t need to be processed by the liver before entering the bloodstream, they’re immediately converted into ketones and used for energy.They can also help you lose weight since they make you feel more full and discourage overeating.

Heavy Whipping Cream: This is a healthy source of fat which provides substantial amounts of energy and supports healthy metabolism. It has much less sugar then milk, it has calcium, it’s much lower in lactose, and it’s low carb. Lets be real, it makes everything taste better!!


Iced Keto Coffee Recipe - She Got Guts

This recipe is all John Durfee. We have always been cold coffee drinkers so we wanted to find a recipe that was not warm. One important step is to make sure you have cold coffee for this recipe. We make our coffee the night before and keep it in fridge, although you just always ready-made just sitting and waiting for you.

This could not be simpler and I know it’s going to change your life!

Iced Keto Coffee Recipe - She Got Guts .png

The stuff needed

Here are a few things to help make the job a bit easier and you can click any image to shop. A blender is sort of essential to this process. Otherwise, the oil separates from the coffee, and it gets kind of gross. Our blender is not super fancy, but we’ve gone through quite a few of them and found that one with a glass canister just lasts longer. We use the blender bottle to store our coffee overnight in the fridge, and obviously you need some coffee! We use truvia to sweeten, but you can also use stevia or even swerve.

There are some pre-made bulletproof coffee mixes, creamers, and we’ve tried quite a few. We do use these when we travel, but homemade is just so much better. Our favorite pre-made bulletproof coffee is this, this, and we like this creamer.

Iced Keto Coffee Recipe- She Got Guts .png


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