Our Story - Pregnancy, Birth, NICU, and Receiving Our Diagnosis

Our Story - Infertility - Premature Birth - Life in the NICU - Our Diagnosis of Rate Disease - She Got Guts (2).png

I shared our entire story with Child Life on Call Podcast;

  • Journey with infertility

  • High risk, stressful pregnancy

  • Adeline’s Birth Story

  • Time Spent in the NICU

  • Our First Year Home

  • Long Road to Our Diagnosis with a Rare Disease

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The Child Life On Call Podcast features stories from parents who have a child that has an illness or has a medical condition.

This podcast was created by Katie Taylor, a Certified Child Life Specialist. Once Katie became a mom, she realized the importance of having a village in good times – and bad. Having someone who understands what you’re going through… someone who really “gets it,” can have a lasting, positive impact. The life of a parent with a child who faces medical issues, however, doesn’t warrant much free time, so Katie created this podcast as a way to connect to one another without adding another thing to your to-do list. Katie’s hope is that this podcast will provide you with a sense of community around what you’re going through, no matter how scary or isolating it may be.

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