Father's Day Gift Guide

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Is buying for the man in your life the hardest thing ever?? There are only so many watches, sweaters, and things like that you can buy. My husband John Durfee is a total computer nerd which according to my mother, makes him able to fix her toaster oven. Anyways, he is so hard to buy for so usually I message his other tech tech friends so see what’s the newest gift I should buy him for the Father’s Day. Everything seems great but the nerds understand usually what is worth the money and what will last past one season.

Start creating a smart home

We started with Alexa in one room (now she’s in every floor of our house), then connected her to TVs, sound system, then our thermostats, lightbulbs, and now she runs our life. Alexa lowers my heat when I leave the house and gets it nice and toasty when I get home, she turns on my TV. plays the clean up song when my toddler needs some motivation, sets the timer, I can reorder diapers, displays recipes for me, makes a to-do list and reminders, shows me my calendar, weather, and can adjust my living room lights to “relax” when it’s late at night. You can even connect your ring security system with Alexa and have a much cheaper option for home security. She can make calls, order an Uber, and will change your life. I love this type of gift because you can start small and add to it each year as it’s too costly to get everything at once. It’s also a good investment to make your home “smart” and you can get a good return.

We added smart light bulbs for a few reasons. Not only do they connect with Wifi, can be changed with your phone or switch, but they dim!! We had no dimmers in our house which costs money and time. They can be controlled from anywhere so when we are away on vacation, we set certain lights to go on so it appears like we are home. I also love that they change color, and can really warm up a space, or brighten in a certain way when you need to concentrate, and can some can even be integrated to react to your music. Ever have a family dance party with flashing light bulbs that connect to beat?? There is some lighting science that connects the hue of lights to sleep, so certain settings are better before bed, etc.

We also kept this smart home train going and invested in a “smart thermostats” for a few reasons

  • You can set the temperature based on the time of day

  • Allow you to control home remotely from phone, webapp

  • Show you energy consumption in real time

  • Learns from your behavior

  • Turns off when you leave house for work and springs back into action before you even get home

  • Analyze how effective your climate control system is

Ours also came with room sensors so it would not just adjust the temperature based on the room the thermostat was in but based on all the sensors.

Let’s get our photography on

We love photography, have taken a few classes, done a few weddings, and it’s something we love to do as a hobby and for our business. Cameras are a great gift to help capture the special family moments in your life, document some epic travel, and just for fun. While our iPhone is great for many things, nothing beats a DSLR and the stuff you can do with it. Camera’s are another gift with so many options since you can buy the base camera as a gift, then next Christmas add a lens, accessories during Father’s day, etc. We are recommending a very high quality DSLR that comes with an extra lens (save $50 on that bundle) and I’ll even link up a big bundle that comes with the camera and a ton of other accessories. This camera is also good for beginners who are new to the world of DSLR. Another great camera is a go-pro. We’ve taken ours hiking through the narrows, under water, connected it to our dog during an epic hike, and it’s kid proof, tested by our very own toddler.


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