Incredible Moment! Watch Adeline's Reaction While I Read to Her in NICU.

Even at only 5 days old and 26 weeks adjusted, Adeline began responding to my voice while I would read to her in the NICU.  By the way, I am already crying as I write this.  We wanted a baby for so long, we tried and failed many times with and without fertility treatments and even a miscarriage. When I birthed her and could not hold her or kiss her, or watch my husband with her, it was really hard.  Yesterday after I posted the article "12 Ways to Bond with Your Baby in the NICU" a few moms reached out to me privately sharing how difficult it was for them to bond with their baby while in the NICU.  One mom shared that it was not until their baby was 4 months old that they actually felt love.  Now, that mother could have been suffering from postpartum depression but the NICU does get in the way or can make postpartum worse. There is literally a glass wall between you and your baby which keeps you from attaching.  

If you are reading this and feel as if it is hard to bond to your baby in the NICU, you are not alone.  My humble hope is that through sharing our story and these tips a mom or dad or even grandparent will realize there are ways to connect.  This moment in the video is one of those ways and pay close attention to her fingers as I read, The Little Engine that Could. 

Also, please keep reaching out to me by commenting or messaging me privately.  I love connecting with other families who have had premature babies.  We all need each other!