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Our Life Through the Lens: Boston Children’s Hospital Admission

Every picture tells a story, but some pull us in more than others. They make us wonder what hilarious or heartbreaking thing just happened, and or ponder what’s about to happen next. I wanted to tell our story through our photographs taken during our last inpatient admission at Boston Children’s Hosptial.

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Bosson Dotchu, Addie.

The reason for the Patriots' superiority is immediately evident. The reason for Boston Children's is as well. I won't spend any time bashing Hopkins. They're an incredible hospital, that does great things for their patients. We're lucky that we've been close enough to have Addie's care handled by their team. They've gotten us through countless surgeries, put her on a path of growth, and have been there many times when we've needed them.

But just as the Dolphins aren't the Patriots, Hopkins is not Boston.

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