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Blood From a Turnip - Central Line Partial Occlusion

Patency is pretty freakin' important

The problem with Addie’s BROVIAC is that it will flush, fluids can go through, but we get little-to-no blood return.  Blood return is when you draw back on the line, and blood begins to flow back through the line and into the syringe.  Blood return is important! If you’re not getting blood, the solution shouldn’t just be to get blood from somewhere else and move on!  Blood return is an indicator of patency (“the quality or state of being open, unobstructed”) and proper function of the line. Patency has a direct impact on the flow of fluids through the line and plays a key role in preventing infection from bacteria that can linger behind clots or obstructions.  Infections are a central line patient’s worst enemy. 

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