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Diary of a NICU Dad - Day 34 of 114

They told us this would be a roller coaster. Which worries me sometimes. I get what they mean, that it has its ups and downs. Twists and turns. Sometimes it flips you upside down. Sometimes, you're racing around a curve. Other times, you're being slowly pulled up a hill. I think that last part is what worries me. Ups and downs. On a roller coaster, the ups are always followed by a swift down. An intense drop. You never go up, up, up and stay there. The anticipation you feel when the track catches your car and you start chugging up the hill. Shaking as you go. That jerking motion of the wheels caught in the biggest bike chain you've ever seen. Ca-chunk is probably the only way to describe the sound you hear, every few seconds as you slowly approach the top of the hill. You know what's next. You know that once you hit the top, you'll feel the wheels release. Down you go. Speeding towards the bottom. Your stomach getting shot into your throat. And if you're lucky enough to be on an old wooden coaster, the white knuckle intensity of hoping that single bar, 3 inches off your lap will hold.

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