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Christmas Books Every Toddler Needs

The countdown to Christmas has begun, and I guess that means I need to start shopping!  When it comes the holidays, I’ve always been pretty traditional, and even more so now with Addie.  I want to recreate all the traditions I had with my family growing up, so she can have the same experiences I cherish so much.  Each year my parents would get us a book that was from them, and not from Santa.  The book was always a beautiful, hardcover classic.  Those were books we never donated or sold when it was time to purge old toys and books.  Most of those books (the ones that weren’t lost or ruined because children), I still have today. I came up with my list of favorites we have or a few I have on Addie's Christmas Wish List! 

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SSS (Shop Small Saturday) with KRZA

About a year ago, Adeline began brand repping for her shop and it gives me the perfect excuse to keep the happy mail from her coming and help support a brand I love.  It doesn’t hurt that my husband loves her Team Spirit Miami Dolphin bows, since she gets the color just right.  It September, KRZA participated in my NICU Awareness project by participating in our giveaway and created a purple Bebe Bow set in honor of Preemie Babies in which she donated a portion of those proceeds towards Adeline’s NICU.  Because of this, she will always hold a special place in my heart.  

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