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Bringing Home Baby....On Oxygen Support

Having a baby with home oxygen support presented it's own unique set of challenges. I wanted nothing more than to move about freely with my baby in my arms without an oxygen cylinder on my back, but it gave me an opportunity to learn and to educate those around us about the realities, the joys, the hardships, and the celebrations of having a medically complex baby.

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Save My Son

“You guys are young you can always try again later.” Those were the words my OB uttered as he sat at the edge of my hospital bed. I cried and asked, “Why is this happening to us?” I was 22 weeks pregnant and 2.8cm dilated. His usual candor went from upbeat to sad as he responded, “Sometimes these things just happen. You guys are good people and I hate when bad things happen to good people.” We wanted the truth and his advice…that’s when he said straight forward that we should do "comfort care". Going that route would mean that we would not stop the premature labor, and there would be absolutely no medication given or intervention when our son was born. Simply put, this suggestion meant that if our son was born before 24 weeks, we would hold him until he passed away. 

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