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Pumpkins to the Wall, A Taste of "Normalcy"

I’ve always thought it was the subtle touches that really make the costume. Don’s cane and the pillow stuffed under my shirt. Linda’s dress in a dry-cleaning bag and the tape recorder. Mr. Rogers’ puppet and the Sperrys. Stevie’s keyboard and minimal crustache. The tap lights for eyes on the Droid.

When it comes to costumage, I’m a bit obsessive, always looking for those perfect accoutrements that really complete the ensemble.

And while my love of All Hallow’s Eve hasn’t waned, since 2015, my costumes have taken sharp right turn. They’re headed in a direction that likely won’t change foreseeable future.

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Nothing Cuter than a Preemie in a Halloween Costume!

Your baby's first Halloween is special but when you are in the NICU it can be a bit disappointing.   You are not at home, where you truly want to be, your baby may be struggling to just do the simple things we take for granted like eating, growing, breathing, regulating their temperature.  You know, life stuff! Celebrating Halloween in the NICU provides parents the chance to experience a bit of joy and normalcy in an otherwise stressful atmosphere.  It allows them to create a special moment with their itty bitty one and celebrate a first milestone. 

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