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Top 10 Tips for Traveling with TPN

Traveling with a medically-complex person is a lot of work. It can be overwhelming and sometimes terrifying.  This past May we took our first family vacation to Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico with a toddler who’s on both Parental and Enteral Nutrition.  Although I knew we needed a break, time to get away, quality time together as a family - I was scared #af!  I’d be a complete hypocrite if I said I didn’t think about canceling the trip 100 times.  When we left the runway, with her home team getting smaller and smaller behind us, I felt a combination of anxiety and nausea.  Scary stuff. 

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10 Reasons Why We Love Gus Gear

Having an infant and now toddler with TPN presents many challenges.  One of the most stressful can be keeping her line from pulling.  Ask any mom with a toddler who moves on TPN and they will tell you its rough! After 7 line breaks in 13 months we knew something needed to change.  We started using Gus Gear Central Line Wrap and it made a  positive difference in our life.  Not only has it reduced stress, it has increased Addie's safety and make sure she is better protected.  I wanted to share why we love Gus and Gear and why every child with a central line should have one...or a few! 

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9 Ways HPN has Impacted Our Life

Because of injuries she had to her gut in her early life (NEC, colonic stricture, malrotation/volvulus), Addie has short bowel syndrome. This causes most of the issues she has with eating and growing and even with the feeding tube and an elemental formula, she can’t tolerate enough calories to grow and she gets sick if we try to give her enough through the tube to support her growth.   Aside from volume tolerance issues, she’s unable to absorb all the calories, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals she needs through her digestive system.  Even when receiving more than enough calories via feeding tube, because of lack of absorption, she is malnourished and her cells are “starving”.  The clearest and grossest example of her issues is that every type of solid she eats by mouth goes in and comes out in her diaper, not broken down at all.  If she eats 4 bites of carrots, and you will see 4 bites of carrots in her diaper.  Addie needs PN to grow, physically and cognitively.  The biggest reason she needs parental nutrition is to live, it’s literally and figuratively her life line. 

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Blood From a Turnip - Central Line Partial Occlusion

Patency is pretty freakin' important

The problem with Addie’s BROVIAC is that it will flush, fluids can go through, but we get little-to-no blood return.  Blood return is when you draw back on the line, and blood begins to flow back through the line and into the syringe.  Blood return is important! If you’re not getting blood, the solution shouldn’t just be to get blood from somewhere else and move on!  Blood return is an indicator of patency (“the quality or state of being open, unobstructed”) and proper function of the line. Patency has a direct impact on the flow of fluids through the line and plays a key role in preventing infection from bacteria that can linger behind clots or obstructions.  Infections are a central line patient’s worst enemy. 

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