The Mighty and Pop Sugar Features She Got Guts

I am so honored that our story has resonated with so many people.  Our article "12 Ways to Bond with Your Baby in the NICU" was published by The Mighty  and featured on their home page and their parent Facebook page.  The Mighty is an online publication that focuses on dealing with medical , mental health, and special needs issues.  I have been a subscriber and reader of The Mighty since Adeline was born and was so thrilled that after publishing article they also asked us to be a contributor.  We may even be working with a team of other contributors to plan a NICU Initiative!

Pop Sugar also featured a photo from our Instagram account @addie.belle that went viral over the weekend.   Pop Sugar's mission is "We create media that powers the optimism and dreams of women around the world." They shared a story about one of our scariest moments in the NICU.

1 Mom Recalls Her "Scariest Moment in the NICU" and It Will Make You Hug Your Babies Tighter

I am feeling proud of what John and I have accomplished after the long hours of caring for Adeline, her medical needs, and a full time demanding job. It has not been easy and most our work is done each night after 8:30 pm.  I  am so glad people are talking about  and publishing stories about what it is like to have a baby in the NICU.  #NICUAwarenessMonth